Why Mediate?

A good mediator can assist each party with a conversation to help determine the real interests and then facilitate the parties in reaching an agreement that best reflects those interests.


Mediation Around The Table, LLC is a Las Vegas, NV based mediation firm. We help people divorce without losing their shirt or their dignity though mediation.

What We Do

We provide support in resolving disputes such as unpaid loans and barking dogs to scenarios of family transition such as elder care and sibling rivalry over estate issues.

From now on, legal issues go to my attorney, but for everything else Nancy Gabriel /Mediation Around The Table is my absolute go-to. She gets my endorsement and I highly recommend her!

Robert M.

I have met with Nancy Gabriel at Mediation Around the Table, LLC and found her to be competent, articulate and sincere in her desire to help others mediate their differences in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.
I would recommend their services to others.

Porter T.

Nancy is a true professional. Her honesty and work ethic is second to none. I would highly recommend Nancy for anyone who is searching for an honest, fair and highly educated mediator.

Penny B.