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kiara benson
kiara benson
Prly the easiest divorce process that’s ever happened. Nancy was very thorough and professional. 10/10 will get divorced here again
s s
s s
Nancy was there for us during this difficult time in our lives. We could ask her any questions and for help we may need. She supports individually and together, guiding thru the steps along the way. We are very thankful to have her be our Divorce Mediator.
Sarah Boyce
Sarah Boyce
Nancy is an incredible professional. I cannot recommend her enough. Divorce overwhelmed me. I didn't even know where to start. Thankfully, though, I had the good fortune of working with Nancy, who turned what could have been an even more traumatic experience into something manageable. From our very first meeting, she exuded empathy and professionalism. She immediately put me at ease with her warm demeanor and genuine concern for both my well-being and the well-being of my soon-to-be ex-husband. She listened carefully to our individual concerns and needs, creating a safe space where both of us felt heard and respected. What truly impressed me about Nancy was her ability to navigate the often turbulent waters of our divorce with grace and precision. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the legal aspects, which gave us confidence that we were in good hands. She sent us to the right people & was always there to answer questions. Her approach was balanced and fair, ensuring that both parties felt the outcomes were equitable and just. I also appreciated her patience and dedication. She never rushed us, allowing us to process our emotions and decisions at our own pace. Her supportive presence and unwavering commitment to our well-being made a world of difference during this challenging time. Thanks to Nancy, I have more closure than I would've had going a traditional route. It was thorough, quick, and easy. I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy to anyone in need of a compassionate and skilled divorce mediator.
Heather King
Heather King
Nancy made my divorce process super easy! She is extremely knowledgeable and was more than willing to explain anything I didn’t quite understand. I definitely recommend going through her rather than the traditional lawyer route if possible!
Elle Moore
Elle Moore
I recently referred my sister to Mediation Around The Table, which assisted her with a legal separation and the drafting of a child custody agreement for her two children. My sister's situation was quite challenging, both emotionally and financially, but Nancy handled it with the utmost respect and dignity. The approach of mediation over litigation made a significant difference. Instead of a bitter legal battle, my sister was able to sit down with her spouse and negotiate directly, guided by Nancy, a professional and empathetic mediator who was not only knowledgeable but also incredibly supportive. This method not only reduced the stress typically associated with divorce but also allowed my sister and her husband to make decisions that were best for their children, without the interference of external pressures. Nancy has a reliable network of professionals that includes accountants, lawyers, and child psychologists, which ensured that all aspects of my sister's case were covered comprehensively. Most importantly, mediation helped preserve a level of respect and cooperation between all parties, which is crucial when children are involved. We are so grateful for Nancy, and I highly recommend her to anyone facing similar challenges. Opting for mediation over litigation can genuinely transform what is often a painful process into a more manageable and dignified arrangement.
Gary Stickler
Gary Stickler
Nancy was exceptional! Not only was she highly skilled and knowledgeable but also empathetic and understanding. This combination made all the difference in fostering a constructive and respectful dialogue between my ex-partner and me. The thought of navigating such a challenging life event was daunting at first, but the with the help of Nancy, the divorce mediation process truly exceeded my expectations. One of the aspects I appreciated most about her was the emphasis on communication and compromise. Instead of escalating conflicts, she facilitated productive discussions that allowed us to express our concerns and priorities openly. This collaborative approach empowered us to make decisions together, ensuring that the final agreement reflected both of our needs and concerns. Moreover, the mediation process was much more cost-effective and efficient compared to traditional litigation. By avoiding lengthy court battles, we were able to reach a resolution in a timely manner, saving us both time and money. I highly recommend Nancy and Mediation Around The Table!!
Shany Streiter
Shany Streiter
Very smooth process made easy by Nancy. Recommend!
The Beacon Center
The Beacon Center
Nancy has worked her magic for my business, so I knew who to call when my daughter needed a divorce. Nancy was able to make the process so much smoother than it would have been had there been attorney's involved. Not to speak about how much money was saved by going though Nancy.
jason miller
jason miller
Nancy was awesome to work with. She was able to satisfy everyone's wants and needs in a very timely and professional manner. Highly recommend her for all your mediation needs.
dylan hallett
dylan hallett
Nancy is an excellent mediator. She is professional and knowledgeable but also very patient and kind. Highly recommend Nancy!

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