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Craig Wong
Craig Wong
Nancy was great from beginning to the end. Very professional by explaining the process and made it easy to work with her during a difficult time. She has the experience to know how to get the job done when a problem or potential problem arises. Her fee is very reasonable and fair. She didn’t try to run up a large hourly bill like attorneys try to do. Additionally she just a nice person to work with. Highly recommended!
Becky Parkey
Becky Parkey
Nancy was amazing. As a therapist I highly recommend her. She is there for both parties and wants to make the experience as painless as possible in a difficult time. Please consider mediation!
Desert Diver
Desert Diver
Nancy was amazing. My ex-wife and I were slow to go through the process. Nancy was patient and understanding. She spoke to us individually and together, and kept communications via emails. There were times that I was struggling with how I wanted to divide assets and custody. Nancy was neutral and made recommendations. Most of them I went along with. The ones that I didn't go along with, she was still supportive. With the help of Nancy, we went from a potentially nasty divorce with expensive lawyers fees to a civil and respectable divorce. It's not her job to be a counselor, however Nancy does have a lot of valuable experience and insight. With some of that "counseling" I am better able to work on forgiveness and staying focused on my children. Divorce is often a tragedy in the lives of people involved. Nancy helped me gain back some of my dignity. Thank you for that! When my situation changed and I wanted to expedite the process, Nancy had me fully divorced in a week and a half!
Andrew Kopel
Andrew Kopel
Though skeptical of the mediation process at first, my experience with Mediation Around the Table and Nancy Gabriel quickly put me at ease. Navigating a complex "business divorce" was made relatively simple and agreeable because Nancy took the time and extra effort to empathize and explain the numerous steps we needed to achieve a balanced settlement. We, as former partners, saved quite a bit of money, and actually left the mediation shaking hands. It's without hesitation that I recommend Nancy's company for business dispute resolution.
Peter McCandless
Peter McCandless
Nancy is a great mediator. She is neutral, but yet understanding of the financial and emotional consequences of each of the parties in a divorce. She is genuinely interested in helping both sides resolve their differences amicably and fairly. I highly recommend her.
Tetiana Ivashchenko
Tetiana Ivashchenko
Very professional service. I recommend Nancy Gabriel for any mediation services that you may need. She helped us with the dispute a year after the actual mediation and remembered me!
Phil Piper
Phil Piper
I'm not usually one for writing reviews but I felt obliged to write this one. Nancy has been nothing less than amazing through my divorce. Kind, compassionate and authentic are the first thoughts that come to mind. Nobody ever expects their marriage to end but for 50+ percent of us, it's a reality. She helped me through the process with comfort, ease and objectiveness. Remaining fair and partial was something that was important to me and she 100% was both of those through the entire process. I want to publicly thank Nancy for being the person she is. It takes a special person to do what she does. I would highly recommend her and Mediation Around the Table for anyone who unfortunately is going through this process.
David Richards
David Richards
While 32 years earlier I assumed my marriage would be forever. It didn’t work out that way. I really hoped mediation would be the answer for us. Lawyers would be costly even under the best of circumstances. Nancy guided us through the divorce process quickly, kindly, and with the respect our marriage deserved. If you have decided that your relationship is no longer serving you well, I can’t recommend Nancy highly enough.
Charmika Hansen
Charmika Hansen
I truly cannot express how grateful I am that my ex-husband & I used Nancy Gabriel’s divorce mediation service. It was extremely important to both of us that we remain amicable through the divorce process, especially for the sake of our children. Nancy helped us navigate the entire process with empathy, respect, and non-judgmental advice. As to be expected, some parts were difficult, and my ex-husband and I did always not see eye to eye. I cannot imagine how we would have come to a compromise without Nancy. What I really appreciate about Nancy is that she makes it clear from the beginning that our children’s best interests were her priority. Throughout the mediation process, she made sure to keep our kids at the forefront of the conversation. This mindset really helped us push aside our egos and make better decisions. My ex-husband and I are still friendly, and we are able to do things together with the children. I wonder if that would be possible if we used divorce lawyers. I truly doubt it. For that, I will be forever grateful to Nancy. If you are going through a divorce, I highly suggest that you give Mediation Around the Table a try. I wish all divorces could be done this way! -Mika

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thumb Karen F.

  Nancy was incredibly helpful during our divorce in coming to an agreement where we both walked away feeling heard and validated. Her prices and promptness are unmatched.

thumb Ali C.

  Where do I even start, Nancy was very welcoming from the first visit and was able to make my divorce as smooth as possible. She made herself available  for any... read more

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  Separating from a partner is never an easy process and things can quickly get complicated and uncomfortable, especially when property and children are involved. Our goal was to minimize the... read more

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  I cannot speak more highly of my experience with Nancy. She was referred to me by a colleague and I can honestly say she made the divorce process so much... read more

thumb Cindy W.

  We attended mediation with Nancy earlier this week and I really wasn't sure what to expect from a mediator. Nancy was truly amazing. Although we figured out from this meeting... read more

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  Our firm refers clients in need of divorce mediation to Nancy and Mediation Around the Table with full confidence.  Not every case needs or warrants trials and extensive litigation.  Many... read more

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  Working with Nancy made the process of my divorce so much easier. I found her to be an absolute professional while remaining completely fair and objective throughout the entire process... read more

thumb Ronda T.

  You know when you meet someone and you get the feeling this person is genuine and has my best interest at heart?

That's what I felt the first time I met... read more

thumb Maryjean d.

  After getting my divorce denied by the judge twice, I realized I needed a mediator to do it right.
That's when I found Nancy Gabriel...
To sum it up she was fair,... read more

thumb Stephen G.

  My experience with this company was interesting and surprising as when I thought of mediation I only thought of lawsuits or the avoidance thereof. What I found was a valuable... read more

thumb Jerry Z.

  I am happy to recommend Nancy Gabriel for her mediation and interpersonal skills. She is experienced at communication and finding a solution to which all can agree. Talk with Nancy... read more

thumb Leo H.

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thumb Cheston W.

  Nancy is incredible! I would like to thank her for making a horrible situtation between me and my wife (x) a little easier to take. Her professionalism is sensational and... read more

thumb Kyle M.

  Several years ago I had the privilege to co-mediate with Nancy on a pro-bono case.  I was immediately impressed with her straight-forward yet gracious approach to dealing with the none-too-friendly-with-one-another... read more

thumb David E.

  Unfortunately, my wife and I divorced after 11 years. I did my research and realized that using separate lawyers is NOT the way to go. They actually make things much... read more

thumb Gareth S.

  Mediation is a cost-effective way to enter into a win-win situation and it is legally binding. Nancy Gabriel is a great listener and takes the time to gently guide her... read more

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  I have met with Nancy Gabriel at Mediation Around the Table, LLC and found her to be competent, articulate and sincere in her desire to help others mediate their differences... read more

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