How Mediation Can Help You

A classic way to explain mediation is the story of the two sisters who each wanted the last orange in the fruit bowl. An argument ensued. The mother, determined to end the argument, decided to solve the fight by cutting the orange in half, providing each sister with an equal half.

Orange halves

One would think the problem solved except when you learn why each sister wanted the orange. One sister wanted to squeeze it for juice while the other wanted to zest it for flavoring the icing of a cake.

A good mediator can assist each party with a conversation to help determine the real interests and then facilitate the parties in reaching an agreement that best reflects those interests. In the case of the sisters, the one could have had the whole orange to zest followed by the other sister having the whole orange to juice.

So, why mediate? In addition to helping parties understand what is really wanted by the other, our approach to mediation offers:

  • Freedom (You make the decisions on resolving an issue and putting it behind you)
  • Fairness (You determine your standard for what’s fair)
  • Privacy (You decide who to tell or not tell)

There are many more benefits to choosing mediation over litigation including saving time, costs and aggravation. We mediate scenarios ranging from unpaid debts and barking dogs to family transition such as elder care and sibling rivalry over estate issues.

Additionally, one of our specialty services is divorce mediation for clients ready to end a relationship. There are some great benefits to our clients who chose to end their relationships using the tool of mediation.

Here is a more in depth description at what FREEDOM, FAIRNESS & PRIVACY look like for those utilizing divorce mediation.

FREEDOMYou and your spouse or partner decide on the terms of your divorce or separation in a cooperative setting. This creates certain freedoms unavailable to those choosing to let lawyers and judges make the decisions for them.

This means:

  • Freedom to make your own choices about the end of your relationship
  • Freedom to use resources the way you want
  • Freedom from having to look back on this aspect of your life with regret or remorse
  • Freedom to move on with your life and enjoy all that the future can be for you
  • Freedom to make your divorce work better than your marriage or domestic partnership
  • Freedom to parent your children in the best possible way
  • Freedom from burdensome legal fees
FAIRNESS: You will meet with a professional mediator who is unbiased, neutral, impartial and non-judgmental. Clients determine their own standard of fairness based on their unique needs. This means:

  • You will be treated fairly and equitably while achieving justice in the process
  • You will avoid the harsh judgments of others
  • You, not the courts, attorneys or judge, define fairness for yourself
  • Those with children will have a role in determining a fair outcome that is in the best interest of your children
PRIVACY: Your mediation is held in a private, confidential office setting resulting in a private written agreement. Your privacy is maintained through the confidential mediation process. This means:

  • Unlike court, the process is not a matter of public record
  • You will not be embarrassed or ashamed about personal matters that might be discussed
  • Your friends, relatives and strangers will only know what you decide to tell them
  • You will have a higher rate of compliance since you each contributed to and agreed to how you want to end the relationship