What We Do

We provide support to those wanting to resolve conflict using mediation. We help individuals mediate a variety of conflicts ranging from unpaid loans and barking dogs to scenarios of family transition such as elder care and sibling rivalry over estate issues.

Additionally, one of our specialty services is divorce mediation for clients ready to end a relationship.

We help people get divorced without losing their shirt or their dignity by offering unique packages designed to meet the needs of various couples.

Let’s face it, wouldn’t it be great if a marriage, domestic partnership or civil union could end as smoothly as it began? No disappointments, no hard feelings, no angst?

Unfortunately we live in a society that has us believe that divorce must be characterized by anger and bitterness. We often believe that the opposite of love is hate and therefore, if the love and passion that once existed in a relationship is gone then we must replace it with hate.

As a result we see people at their worst during a divorce. And we ask, what good can come from people when they are at their worst?

It doesn’t have to be this way. With the help of a professional mediator, most couples can amicably resolve the end of their relationship in a way that meets the most important interests of both parties allowing the parties to emerge with their dignity intact and their head held high.