Mediation For Families

Parenting: Mediation can help never-married parents design a unique parenting plan to deal with the complicated process of bringing up children. Difference of opinion about support, visitation, extra-curricular activities and college can all be resolved with the help of a trained mediator.

Blended Families: If you’re contemplating uniting two households, a mediation session can help establish cohesive family rules and new family traditions moving forward. Learning tools for communication with stepchildren can make the transition easier.

Elder: New issues arise when dealing with aging parents, especially if independence is at stake. Mediation can help families to have difficult conversations in order to reach decisions about the future.

Auctions: When dealing with the possessions of a loved one who has recently passed away, emotions connected to objects of sentimental value can divide a family. A private family auction may be a fair and equal solution to distributing personal property.

Workshops: Attend our workshop, “Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?” to learn ways to avoid conflict when talking to your loved ones about personal possessions. Whether it’s a ‘yellow pie plate’ or a beloved fishing tackle box, sharing stories about the items can help for smoother transitions in the future.