It’s a possibility that an effect of your “uncoupling” is that you’re living alone, at times, for the first time in a long time, and sometimes not by your own choice. No matter.

Living alone, even if it’s a day or two each month, is a license to put yourself first. Indulging yourself might not mean a massage at a fancy spa (although, never the wrong choice), but maybe a bubble bath. Or a no-chores day.

I put myself first by what I put in my body. I make an entire, healthy and delicious meal for one. I use the stove, the oven and the barbecue, not the microwave. I eat at the table, on a plate that’s breakable, and put a cloth napkin on my lap. By candlelight, if the shoe fits. And I savor each bite because it is accompanied by a sweet silence.

Your sweet silence is a matter of personal choice.

Soon enough, the happy chaos of your family will replace the quiet. And your tolerance tank has been refilled. By you!!!