Conflict is a natural and inevitable, part of even the most established workplaces. It is common for employees to have different views and opinions about situations. It is human nature to attempt and convince others to think the same way. As a result, conflict frequently is the result. Conflict and a difference of opinion can rear it’s ugly head when there is limited open communication; feelings of a threat, perceived or real, to employment status; or when at least one person is prevented from achieving his or her workplace needs. Managed effectively, conflict can often result in an improved working environment. It becomes destructive when it is unmanaged and can have a significant negative impact on productivity. This is never in the best interest of the success of the organization. So the conclusion is that the challenge isn’t that conflict exists but rather how to handle it.


Mediation Around The Table offers a couple of innovative options for addressing various conflict issues.  One is workplace mediation, a process we call “circles”, where teams are given the opportunity to address issues impacting them and determine a strategy for resolving workplace issues. When one employee is in conflict due to concerns about fairness issues, the Peer Council policy and process is an excellent way to allow these individuals to address and resolve their grievances. A Peer Council policy and process in your workplace is an amazing way to establish open communication and feelings of fairness in the workplace.

Mediation Around The Table has trained mediators for addressing both conflict resolution techniques. We actually train your staff to implement and oversee these processes in your workplace.



Understanding the causes and ways to respond to various conflict, makes an organization more successful in preventing and managing conflict in the future.