· Are you spending an unbalanced amount of time worrying about your problems?
· Are you fearful of allowing a judge to make decisions that affect your personal life?
· Are you unwilling or unable to pay thousands of dollars to an attorney to assist you?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, I’d suggest that you stop reading immediately. But if you are struggling with a conflict in your personal life, chances are that it’s somehow affecting all of the areas of your life, including your productivity on the job.

Mediation is an alternative to lawyers, judges and courts. The process is much different, and the results are significantly more satisfactory because people are able to make their own choices about how their conflicts will be resolved.

The subject of conflict looks different to different people. While everyone at the very least knows somebody who has been through a challenging divorce, there are many other types of conflict. Does your neighbor have noisy teenagers? Does your brother-in-law owe you money? Do your adult siblings disagree about whether to take the car keys away from your elderly father? There is no conflict too great or too small that cannot benefit by the process of mediation.

A mediator is a neutral professional who is specifically trained to help the parties in conflict have a conversation with each other. If the conversation leads to a resolution, the mediator will write an agreement for the parties to sign, setting forth the terms upon which they have decided. A mediator is not a judge, nor an arbitrator, so in no event will the mediator tell the parties how they should resolve their own conflict.

While mediation does not purport to be successful 100% of the time, it is a highly beneficial way for reasonable people to have conversations with each other in a safe, controlled and peaceful setting, provided they are sincere in their desire to end the conflict. Once that occurs, the parties will be able to move forward with their lives, focusing energy in a positive, productive direction.

Mediation Around The Table has a quick and easy way for you to contact us regarding your conflict. Simply visit www.PeaceHotline.com and a quick 2-3 minute survey will get the ball rolling. Smartphone users can use our QR code. After completing the quick survey we will be in touch with you shortly to schedule a free initial consultation to see how mediation might assist you in resolving conflict.