Do you know someone contemplating a divorce? Until a few years ago, I always felt badly for my friends who embarked on this contentious and expensive journey. I didn’t know there was any alternative but to undergo the bitterness and cost of the litigious divorce. Then I learned there was a better way and my desire to instill greater peace was established. I knew I could help people get through a tenuous process a little easier. Don’t get me wrong. Divorce is always unpleasant and unfortunate. But the ugliness of litigation doesn’t have to make an already bad situation worse.

How about you? Do you want to help your friends avoid the ugly and costly litigation process so often utilized by divorcing couples? You can recommend the mediation process to them. Mediation is an easier, less costly way to bring an end to a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership. As we say it, we help people divorce without losing their shirt or their dignity. Mediation is a way for the divorcing couple to have a say in the decisions involving the divorce rather then for attorneys or judges to decide for them. The advantages are many. The biggest advantage is the more peaceful nature in which the relationship can end which is better for the couple, the children and other friends and extended relatives. Be a peacemaker and recommend mediation.

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