Having a mediation clause in your standard contracts and agreements protects you and your clients. The opportunity for a dispute to arise is far greater than one might think. Your clients will appreciate that you have a fair and cost-efficient manner to resolve disputes built into your contract. During mediation, parties submit their dispute to a third party trained to facilitate a resolution. Unlike litigation or arbitration where a third party decides which party should “win” the dispute, the mediator helps the parties work together to come to an agreement on a fair resolution. Mediation is private and confidential, time- and cost-efficient, and is an informal proceeding, even if lawyers are involved. There are significant rewards for making mediation a part of your company culture. We recommend that you add the following language to your contracts and agreements. For more details and a FREE sample of language you can copy and paste into your agreements, visit:


Including a mediation clause in your customer contract is not only good business, its good customer service. Mediation Around The Table now offers Business Mediation subscription packages that make mediation more affordable than ever. Contact us at 702-990-8396 for more information.