You’re thinking about ending your relationship. You’ve confided in your built-in support system: friends and family, most likely. They are automatically on your side, and you can and should be leaning on them. After all, your family and friends want you to be happy. However, the valuable group already on your side may not offer the objectivity you need. Even if you label yourself as rational and competent, this can be an overwhelming time in your life, with many important decisions to make. Decisions that you’re better off discussing with your soon-to-be ex in front of someone who is neutral, objective, and well-versed on the issues facing you as you’re ending your relationship.

That objective and neutral professional is a trained Mediator.

So, don’t turn away the unconditional love and support of those on “Team You.” But don’t forget that you also need the unbiased guidance of your Mediator.