I learned a long time ago to choose optimism, and anyone who knows me will confirm that my glass is always half-full.  (Thanks, Dad!)  Psychologists generally think that positive and negative emotions cannot occupy our minds at the same time.  Therefore, one tends to dominate, and I believe that having a positive attitude is a choice that can easily become a habit.

Surrounding myself with like-minded, positive people brings me joy, and I genuinely rejoice in their good news.  Whether it’s a new baby, a new puppy, a promotion, or a new dishwasher, the good news of others makes me happy.

Unfortunately, the divisive atmosphere in this country doesn’t always lend itself to good news.  Add to that the availability of news reporting 24:7, and we can find ourselves inundated — no, bombarded — with negativity.  Floods, tornadoes, mass shootings, hunger, poverty, and war are among the dark clouds hanging directly over our heads.  And we talk about this stuff over and over again.  It’s unavoidable.

Yet I want to avoid it all.  While living in denial can be a happy place, it doesn’t actually have a zip code.  So I set about determining how to counteract all the negativity, and I came up with a solution.  I have committed to spreading good news.  That being said, I need some help from you about how to share it.  I’ve considered one post a day on Facebook with a shout-out to somebody who’s brought me joy.  I’ve thought about creating a Facebook group (public?  private?)  so that we could all take a moment to spread some good news.  I’ve thought about Twitter, and then decided against it.  Same ruling out of Instagram.

Please think about it right now.  Is there some piece of good news you can share?  Did you finally do something you’ve been putting off for awhile?  That’s good news.  Did your kid bring home a decent report card?  That’s good news.  Did you get new tires?  That’s good news.  I want to know about it all so I can share it all.

On the other hand, do I have to literally spread good news?  Does issuing the challenge to anyone who’s reading this accomplish the same or similar result?  Am I opening a proverbial can of worms by asking you all to share your bits of joy with me?  Are you sighing and shaking your head right now?

Assuming you think there’s a bit of merit in this concept, please give me a suggestion as to how I can (or how we all can) accomplish this.  Let’s start spreading good news.  And if I’ve just given you an ear worm or, as I like to call it, a song wedgie, you’re welcome.