I am a work in progress. (Aren’t we all?) While concentrating on the business of getting through each day, taking good care of my clients and good care of myself, I sometimes find myself in the weeds with no understanding of how I got there.  I worry about things that don’t improve by the mere fact that I’m worrying about them.  I also pre-worry at times, which is even more ridiculous.  If you do the same, nod your head.

Which has made me wonder whether I need to take a break, put things on pause and, hopefully, regain my perspective.   

So, while I’m making a conscious effort not to worry, or pre-worry, I’ve decided that breaktime doesn’t preclude wonder-time.  With the proviso that my wondering has also included a bit of wandering, I have been pondering the following questions:

1. Am I the only person who still closes my eyes when I see needles going into arms on television?

2. Have you ever changed your mind after reading someone else’s political post on social media?

3. Why do some false eyelashes look like caterpillars growing on eyelids?

4. Do you run to your front door when you hear a doorbell on television?

5. Do you check your rear-view mirror when you hear a siren on the radio?

6. Why do some people wear masks when they’re obviously driving alone?

7. When did “of course” become a synonym for “you’re welcome?”

8.  Why is it no longer acceptable to enter two spaces after a period or colon?

9.  When did it become okay to insert what I call the superfluous pronoun?  (My mother, she is a great cook.  The Golden Knights, they have a huge fan base.)

I’m going to stop now and take a break from adding to this list.  I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m ranting or complaining.  I’m not.  Nor am I judging.  I’m simply sharing some of my not-so-deep thoughts.  And I’m curious to see what you wonder about while you’re taking a break.

And on a more serious note, I’d love for us to use the break time to regain our perspective.  In this era of political division, racism, pandemic concerns, voting rights, women’s rights, vaccination confusion, gender identity, and everything else we think and talk about, it seems to me that we forget to discuss perspective.  Whether it’s a white person weighing in on Black Lives Matter, whether it’s a man weighing in on a woman’s reproductive system, and whether it’s a heterosexual weighing in on the LGBTQ community, perspective is an essential topic for discussion.  

Here’s my request:  please take a break for a few minutes from whatever else you’ve been doing or need to do, and share your thoughts about taking a break to revisit your perspective.  How does your perspective matter?

And if that’s too deep of a subject to ponder while you’re taking a break, feel free to submit your answers to my questions.