As 2019 draws to an end, I’m taking time this year to make my own personal list about why my LIFE IS GOOD.  I’ve chosen to do this instead of making New Year’s resolutions, first because everyone makes them and second, because I never keep them.  That being said, please don’t let me discourage you from making your own New Year’s resolutions.  I will be honored to support you in your efforts.

I want to explain that a long time ago, I adopted an attitude of gratitude.  Also, I have been a list-maker practically since birth, so this stuff isn’t exactly new to me.  What is new, however, is sharing it with the universe.  My list is personal, not generic, and it is most definitely random.

So, in no particular order, here’s why my LIFE IS GOOD:

  • My 16-year-old car is still running well
  • I have helped many couples to end their relationships with dignity and respect
  • I have helped families get past old grudges and move forward
  • My own family is healthy
  • My company won Best Of Las Vegas in the alternative dispute resolution category
  • I got a new barbecue this year
  • I made a lot of soup for friends
  • Although I live alone, I am never lonely
  • My niece donated a kidney to her dad (my brother-in-law) and both are doing well
  • I posted 52 blogs this year and I still love writing them
  • My commitment to volunteer at Adam’s Place is more fulfilling than I ever imagined
  • I absolutely love being a Mediator
  • I am happy to knit and watch football on Sundays
  • I have many cherished friendships, both old and new
  • I love to discover new, non-chain restaurants, especially if they serve great burgers or delicious tacos
  • I have friends and family who want to spend time with me (and who pay my airfare)
  • My house seems to give me a hug every time I come home

And now that this year has come to an end, I would like to challenge each of you to share a few reasons why your own LIFE IS GOOD.  As you can see by my examples, your reasons don’t have to be brilliant nor sophisticated, and they don’t have to be in order of importance.  Please, please take a moment to share a few by commenting below.

After you’re done sharing your LIFE IS GOOD list, please accept my most sincere wishes for a joyful and peaceful 2020.