A mediated divorce is usually less costly, less time-consuming, and less stressful than going to court. When a couple can agree to the terms of their divorce by way of mediation, the divorce experience is often faster and cheaper especially when you consider attorney fees and the overall court process.

A mediated divorce often turns out to be more equitable to both spouses than a privately negotiated divorce. For instance, when a couple negotiate by themselves and try to resolve issues on their own, the truth is that one party may take the upper hand. In a mediated divorce, a couple can come together and communicate their needs in a non-hostile environment. The result can be a fair agreement that both parties are happy with. Think about the story of the sisters fighting over the last orange story shared on this site.

With the Orange Story in mind, consider that a mediated divorce can result in an agreement that works better for both parties involved. While a judge or jury will do their best to make a determination that is fair to both parties, the truth is that they will never be as intimately familiar with the particulars of your life as you are. If a couple works with a mediator to reach an agreement, it may be more likely to result in an agreement that works best for both spouses.

If a mediated agreement is reached between the parties, it may result in a couple being able to separate ways in a more amicable way. A divorce trial can get ugly, leaving hurt emotions and ill will on both sides. If this can be avoided and a couple can move on with their lives without the emotional toll of litigation, it can be healthier. This is especially true when children are involved.

While divorce mediation isn’t for everyone, it can be for those who want to retain control of how the end of a relationship ends rather then paying thousands of dollars for attorneys to battle out the decisions without the couples input. If you would like to explore whether or not divorce mediation is for you, please send a message on our Contact page and we can spend some time reviewing possible mediation options with you.