I recently had a conversation with a dear friend, who pointed out to me that my attitude toward self-quarantine has progressed in much the same manner as one would deal with grief. What a keen observation!  With complete transparency, I admit that I spent a relatively long time stuck in the first stage, and I hung out for a respectable length of time in the second stage.  Stage 3 didn’t last too long, and I pretty much did a drive-by at Stage 4.  That leaves Stage 5, and I’m planning on doing my best to stay there for the duration,

And now, I’ll take you through my own personal journey in the hopes that you’ll share yours.

Stage 1: Denial. This isn’t something that’s going to affect me. I live alone. I’m not in contact with a lot of random people. I intend to continue to live my life.

Stage 2: Anger. Okay, what’s the deal with toilet paper? How can people be so insensitive as to hoard it? And why is what’s happening in China and Italy (and Washington and New York, for that matter) impacting me? Why are there daily press conferences, and why are they preempting “The View?” And what on earth is going on in the grocery store?

Stage 3: Bargaining.  I’m just going to get my hair colored, stop at Target, and then I’ll stay home.  I’m just going into the office for half a day on Monday. and then I’ll stay home.  I’m just going to run out to the liquor store, and then I’ll stay home.

Stage 4:  Depression.  I’m getting fat.  I’m getting lazy.  I’m getting short-tempered.  What is wrong with me?  What is wrong with the world?  Why are people so negative?  Why are people so scared?  Am I missing something?

Stage 5:  AcceptanceAs of now, I am committed to following the rules and guidelines, and to putting on a cheerful (albeit without makeup) face.  I am looking for things to laugh about and then to share them with my friends and family.  I am staying busy and productive, all the while trying to find balance between the stuff I have to do and the stuff I want to do.   For me, there are two ultra-important parts to Stage 5.  The first is reaching out to others to make sure all is well, and the second is remaining grateful for what I have.

My gratitude extends to each and every person who reads my weekly blogs, and to those who help me with your likes, comments, and shares.  You’re why this blogging gig brings me so much joy, and I thank you.

If you find yourself navigating through your own five stages of captivity and have figured out a thing or two along the way, I’d love for you to share your wisdom.

Stay healthy.