If you’ve watched one minute of television in the last month, you’ve been inundated with political commercials. This candidate is shady, this candidate wants to end social security, this candidate wants to raise property taxes. Blah, blah, blah. I tune it all out. And it completely appalls me when I think about how much money is spent on these commercials, just to have us ignore them. Same goes for the flyers that come in my mail every day.  I deposit them directly into the recycle bin without more than a glance.   And then there are the phone calls. I have a bit of sympathy for the people doing the calling, partly because I’ve been one of them in the past, and partly because we all usually hang up on them. What a way to make a living!

So with the midterm elections just weeks away, and early voting in Nevada beginning in a few days, I want to as you an important question: ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE?  If not, click here and you can do it online.

If you answered “yes,” I have one more important question: ARE YOU REALLY REGISTERED TO VOTE?  Please take a moment  and click here to make sure.

This is not about whose side you’re on.  It’s not about right and and wrong, nor about right and left.  I have no intention of writing about politics, even if tempted.  And that’s a promise.

Instead, I want to write about gratitude.  How fortunate we are to be living in a free country, where we have access to anything and everything we could possibly want or need.  So let’s be grateful to the United States.  Let’s teach our children that voting is both a privilege and an obligation.  It’s really important.

Please vote.