This is the fifth and final installment of our series about using mediation to end a relationship. After considering the first four reasons I think you will see why this last reason is a given.

Reason Five:

5. You will emerge from the process having spent less time, less money and considerably less stress. The mediators are skilled at structuring conversations that allow each of you to participate in making your own decisions about the key components of the relationship-ending process. Guided by a team of experts from the legal, financial and therapy fields, you will get the assistance you need to make your own decisions in each of these areas. Often times, divorce mediation can be completed in less than a month. That efficiency ultimately leads to a savings of money and an outcome far superior to the lengthy and expensive process had each of you hired an attorney to battle out the details.

Mediation Around the Table has a variety of reasonably priced packages to accommodate client needs. We are available for married and unmarried couples as well as same-sex couples who want to end their relationship with the help of our expert mediators. We also have monthly financing options available through One Nevada Credit Union. To learn more about Mediation Around The Table, visit the website at,, or call 702-990-8396.

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