Our ongoing series about using mediation to end a relationship continues. We as your mediators know what we don’t know. With that concept in mind, we utilize the best experts in their fields for supporting you in making your decisions. That brings us to the fourth reason for using mediation to end your relationship.

Reason Four:

4. You can resolve your financial assets and debts with a Financial Expert who has the technical knowledge to support you in making wise decisions. The law states that the assets and debts of the marriage are community property but that doesn’t mean they are simply split down the middle. Mediation Around The Table utilizes the services of financial experts to evaluate the financial situation of the relationship. This expert co-mediator and the evaluation provide you with information that enables you to make wise decisions. That means decisions made today won’t have surprising implications for either party down the road.

Be sure to follow this series where we will share the 5th and final reason for using mediation when ending a relationship.