Mediation is a new and growing trend for navigating the end of a relationship whether through divorce or separation. Recently we were interviewed about the top reasons for using mediation as a way to end a relationship. Over the next few days I would like to share those reasons and explain them with you one at a time.

Reason One:

1. Your agreement can be reviewed by a licensed attorney to ensure it passes all the legal requirements.

Mediation doesn’t mean venturing into a legal arena without the aid of a legal professional. Rather it means that you will only have to pay for the services of a legal professional for the purpose of reviewing the legal aspects of your divorce/separation and your agreement. Mediation Around The Table will provide your attorney with a copy of the agreement you design in your mediation session(s). If you don’t have an attorney, MATT will provide you with a list of attorneys familiar with mediation and familiar with the process needed to successfully file your documents with the court.

Over the next few days I will publish more reasons for your consideration. I invite you to add your thoughts and comments.