Co-mediation involves two mediators working together with the couple. Mediation Around The Table utilizes co-mediators to add professional expertise to the agreement. The advantages of having two professionals to help develop the agreement are: more ideas, more expertise, and different points of view.

We co-mediate the parenting plan session with a licensed MFT: Marriage and Family Therapist. The MFT is available to assist with answering questions about what is best for the needs of children. This is especially helpful when there are significant age differences or there is a child with special needs. The presence of the MFT can be helpful when the couple needs additional support regarding emotional issues that need to be considered when drafting the agreement.

Another co-mediator that adds professional expertise to the process is an accountant. The accountant co-mediates the session when the division of property and assets is discussed. Often, this subject can be overwhelming and confusing to clients. An unbiased and impartial professional accountant can provide answers to questions surrounding the confusing area of finances. Because the accountant is a co-mediator, they act in the same unbiased, neutral role as any mediator would. This assures clients that they each are receiving the same professional help and support through this process.

While these professional co-mediators are provided as a part of the divorce mediation package we offer, clients are still able to seek out their own individual support and assistance from other professionals as well. This is encouraged to ensure clients that they are making the best decisions for themselves and their new post-divorce families.