Mediation is an excellent alternative to the traditional (adversarial) divorce method. Not only is it much less expensive, it is much more expedient, and infinitely more peaceful. When mediating your divorce, you have meaningful conversations with your partner in front of a neutral, well-trained mediator who will help guide the two of you toward entering this new chapter of your lives. In the mediation process, you will make your own decisions as to what is best for your family. The Mediator will then create a Mediation Agreement which, when signed, will become an actual, binding contract between the parties.

Another benefit to mediation is that it is flexible. Any agreement reached can be quickly and easily modified, should the need arise. Rather than wait for a court date and the availability of attorneys, sometimes modifications to a Mediation Agreement can be accomplished through email or by a phone call.

Mediation is a confidential process. Unlike court proceedings, conversations held in a mediator’s office are never a matter of public record.

While mediation is not a perfect fit in every situation, it’s certainly an alternative to explore before committing to thousands of dollars, years of time, and the immeasurable amount of negative energy expended in divorce litigation.

If you can sit in the same room with each other, you are a candidate for mediation. I urge you to consider this alternative.